Learning Creative Learning ( #LCL17 ) – Week 1 Reflections

LCL17CaptureWe are off to a great start with introductions from participants across the globe.  It is wonderful to meet so many people from so many countries who share the same interests and enthusiasms.

The activity this week that interested me the most was “Childhood Objects.”  We were asked to describe something that affected the way we think and learn.  Here is my answer:

My childhood memories go back a long way – before so many of the toys that are now commonplace. I remember the wonders of our Tinkertoys, Lincoln Logs, and wooden blocks of all colors, shapes and sizes. My brother and I discovered that we could build structures to hold tracks from a small train and then roll our grandfather’s “aggies” (large heavy stone marbles) down them to jump over spaces , knock things down, etc. I remember most how much fun it was to find objects in the “stuff” around us that were just the perfect things that we needed to keep expanding our construction.

It was apparent to me while reading through everyone’s answers that we have participants from many different age groups and with many different experiences, but we all have one thing in common – we all are passionate about playing and learning, enjoy working on projects, and we all find it more rewarding when shared with peers.

Still time to sign up.  Why not join us?