Learning Creative Learning ( #LCL17 ) – Week 2 Reflections

LCL17CaptureWeek 2 is devoted to Projects, and we were asked to focus on learning through making, and to reflect on the creative process through the Creative Learning Spiral. Coding was introduced  as a new form of fluency and self-expression, and we were invited to start making projects by using #scratch to animate our name.

I have enjoyed doing the “Animate Your Name” project with students a number of times before (always with a different result), but this time I tried to focus on my thought process as I worked through the project.  I was surprised to notice how much looking through the available sprites, backdrops, and code blocks gave me ideas for what I could do – so similar to the thought process I described earlier in building things with wooden blocks, etc., as a child.  How the whole thing was going to end up was only determined after many trips around the Creative Learning Spiral. This is the reason that most of my Scratch projects, websites (even in production), etc., always seem to be in draft and  never really finished.  I am always searching for more useful images or bits of code that will make it ever more perfect in my eyes.


This is why I was born to be a webmaster!  On the screen, nothing is ever frozen in time.  Everything is constantly evolving – an ever-turning kaleidoscope with lots of new things to learn every day.

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