The suggested topic this week certainly prompted a lot of reflection for me! For most of my life, I have almost never been recognized as myself, even if I might actually have been the person being sought.

Once while I was a college student, a friend said that she could arrange a blind date for me if I would promise to tell him that I was a French major and never let on that I was actually majoring in chemistry. She said that it would work because no one would ever guess that I was majoring in a science.
I learned that I did not look like a science major.

While I was a graduate assistant in the Chemistry Department at UVa, it was not uncommon for a student to approach me to ask where he could find one of the assistants.
I learned that I did not look like a chemistry graduate assistant.

When my husband was a commanding general and military community commander, I was several times startled when, chatting with a stranger at an official occasion, I was suddenly asked if I knew where the general’s wife might be.
I learned that I did not look like a general’s wife.

When I was full-time faculty teaching computer science at Judson College and very proud to be a network administrator and Webmaster, visitors would come into my office and ask me if they could make an appointment to talk to the Webmaster.
I learned that I did not look like a techie.

After reflection on today’s prompt, I have realized that I never had the courage to ask, “Who DO I look like?” Several of my college classmates expressed an interest in working for the CIA or NSA so as to have an exciting life. I was not interested at the time, but maybe I missed my calling. Perhaps all along I was suited to be a spy or undercover agent. Is it too late for me to find my true self and change careers?