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  • Why I Am a Millennial (at least for now!)

    Why I Am a Millennial (at least for now!)

    My birth year puts me in the Silent Generation, but I always felt that I marched out of that generation during the Civil Rights movement.

  • I Am WHO?

    The suggested topic this week certainly prompted a lot of reflection for me! For most of my life, I have almost never been recognized as myself, even if I might actually have been the person being sought. Once while I was a college student, a friend said that she could arrange a blind date for […]

  • Lifelong Learning at it’s best: WordPress is really fun!

    One thing that has drawn me to Web publishing from the beginning (my first job as a webmaster began in 1995) is that it is constantly evolving.  There are always new things for an aspiring webmaster to explore and learn.  Sometimes the changes have been challenging.  Leaving HoTMetaL and going from simple table-based layouts to […]