As an “Army brat” and then as an Army wife, I have lived in many places in Europe and the US.  I have decided to limit my list below to places where I have lived for five years or more, but our four years living in Mark Twain Village in Heidelberg, Germany, comes pretty close!

I have increasing come to realize that I found my place in cyberspace back in 1995 as I began learning about the exciting new World Wide Web and learning how to construct web pages for the Judson College website – then hosted on a Win NT Workstation (not Server!) using the netscape FastTrack server software.   One of the first archived pages of the Judson College website is December 7, 1998.  The missing image is probably the first image map that I learned how to make.  In the early days our focus was Netscape Navigator, HTML, Javascript, Perl,  HoTMetaL and  Photoshop. The hardware and  software keep evolving, and the Web is always more fascinating.

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