WayBack Machine – Judson WebTeam in 2000

Creating and maintaining websites in the early days was such an exciting adventure!  It seemed as if we were building a huge quilt and forever adding squares as well as crocheting around the edges while adding embroidery here and there.  There was no end to the new things that we could learn, and learn we did each and every day.

logo_wayback_210x77While searching through the wonderful WayBack Machine for archived pages, I am finding it hard to choose which file  should be mentioned. Every time we made an update we believed that it was an improvement, but toward the later years we began to cut back on our Center for Electronic Commerce business as students became increasingly consumers rather than producers of the Web in the social media era.

I have thus decided to choose the turn of the century – an auspicious time when for us the sky was the limit.

Judson College WebTeam in 2000

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