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  • My Dream – a Butterfly Garden in McIntire Park East

    My friends in the North American Butterfly Association have lots of helpful information, including a comprehensive Central Virginia Butterfly Gardening Brochure by Marlene A. Condon.   I am pleased to be a member of NABA as well as a member of their National Butterfly Center! National Butterfly Center in the news: National Butterfly Center, Mission: The 5-acre cultivated garden in this […]

  • My 2010 post about McIntire Botanical Garden

    As I was thinking back over my years of involvement with McIntire Botanical Garden, I came upon this post from June 2010 and decided to repost it now as we are very close to having our own “living classroom.”  In the next few months, the City of Charlottesville will host public meetings to gather input […]

  • Design firms for McIntire Park East are named

    Just imagine! We all have the opportunity to get involved as the first ever botanical garden in Charlottesville and the new skate park are being designed.  What would you like to see in the botanical garden?  I hope for an area focused on native plants and butterflies, but you may have some other suggestions.

  • New! McIntire Botanical Garden on Tumblr – now showcasing beautiful VA botanical gardens

    A wonderful new garden is taking shape before our eyes.  Get involved and share our dream! As we continue the process of building our own garden, we’d like to highlight some other botanical gardens located around Virginia on our social media. Our first in a series highlighting VA botanical gardens is up! This time, we […]

  • McIntire Park East Draft Master Plan

    … another piece of our Charlottesville PLACE puzzle City Parks and Recreation Department staff will present the Draft Master Plan for the east side of McIntire Park to City Council on Monday, July 16, at 7:00 pm at City Hall.  There will also be a public hearing on the Plan at the Council meeting. 02 […]

  • I hope PLACEMAKING will determine the future of City Market and East McIntire Park!

    Learn more about PLACEMAKING at Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Annual Event on Thursday, April 26, 2012. Placemaking: A Blueprint for our Future-