Design firms for McIntire Park East are named

MBGLogoTrue Colors200Just imagine! We all have the opportunity to get involved as the first ever botanical garden in Charlottesville and the new skate park are being designed.  What would you like to see in the botanical garden?  I hope for an area focused on native plants and butterflies, but you may have some other suggestions.

As for the skate park, maybe someday in the future we will be hearing an Olympian athlete describe how his/her interest in extreme sports started right here in McIntire Park.  What do we need to make our skate park exceptional?

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The landscape/architecture firm of Mahan Rykiel Associates has been engaged by the Department of Parks & Recreation, City of Charlottesville, to design McIntire Park East, and the skate park will be designed by the firm STANTEC.
More information about the timetable of work on the park will be forthcoming on this website soon.

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