Category: E-Learning and Digital Cultures

  • Going Back in Time with the Wayback Machine for #edcmooc

    I love new things and I am characteristically looking toward the future (as my last post would indicate),  so my journey this week through old websites of mine through the Wayback Machine was very unusual.  This all began when I started thinking about “my place in cyberspace” while preparing for blogging about my experiences in E-learning […]

  • Looking forward to #edcmooc

    I am really looking forward to E-learning and Digital Cultures, my first Coursera course from the University of Edinburgh! I know I will learn a lot from others around the world, and I will be blogging here about my experiences in this new MOOC cyberworld.

  • MOOCs number 4 and 5 – More brain training for “Know Thyself”

    I have found a new hobby! Continuing on in Coursera for my fourth and fifth MOOCs, I  have registered for two courses starting the end of this month from the University of Edinburgh – Introduction to Philosophy and E-Learning and Digital Cultures.  All this in preparation for Know Thyself, a  Coursera course by UVa Philosophy […]