Our lives are changing now! For years my favorite Volunteer AND Lifelong-Learning activity in Charlottesville has been my time as a FISH Mentor and Sponsor of an after-school Scratch and CS First coding club at a local elementary school. I am very happy that the JABA FISH ( Friends in School Helping) program has moved online through Zoom!

As COVID-19 changes every way of life, including how school functions, FISH is adapting to the new season. One of the strengths of the FISH program is how we use seniors to make connections with students. We face the issue that even when the schools reopen, our volunteers will be considered high risk and may feel uncomfortable going into the classroom. Schools may not even allow outside volunteers for quite some time.

However, the need for mentors and academic support has never been greater. Students need to adapt to uncertain times and learn in completely new ways without individual academic support.

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