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  • Combine learning with travel – educational travel opportunities from UVa

    If you are looking for educational travel opportunities, be sure to check out Travel & Learn from the University of Virginia! WE OFFER YOU A WORLD OF IDEAS Historic Settings – Special Tours – Intellectual Engagement Expert Faculty and Interesting Company From Around The Nation and Around The World UPCOMING PROGRAMS – EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES […]

  • 2020 Plan: Aging in Community – JABA again leading the way!

    The year 2020 (when the first wave of “Baby Boomers” born in 1946 will be approaching 75)  is fast approaching! It will be here before we know it, and our community is laying the groundwork now for a wonderful future for citizens of all ages. I am particulary excited to read about JABA’s plans for […]

  • Lifelong Learning Resources in Charlottesville

    There are so many lifelong learning resources in our area! If you are unable to attend the OLLI Fall 2010  classes, perhaps you can find an alternative. Please take a look at the updated  Learning Resources page and leave a comment to let me know if I have missed anything. Thanks -RuthK via University of […]

  • Did comics turn you into a juvenile delinquent?

    I remember so well  all the commotion in the 50’s about comic books ruining the young generation. Of course, like most kids I was completely addicted to them – haunting the news stands until the next issue appeared. My parents also often voiced opinions that rock-and-roll music would last only a couple of years before […]

  • Time to Explore Passions in School? (via Cooperative Catalyst)

    Bringing in community volunteers (not just parents, but anyone interested in helping in schools) is such a good idea! We are fortunate here in the Charlottesville area to have so many retirees with knowledge and skills that they love sharing with the younger generation. And what a difference it can make. I have read that […]

  • Get involved for a healthier, happier life!

    Call JABA today and volunteer. I’m sure glad that I did! Volunteer Satisfaction Abounds at JABA May 21, 2010 JABA volunteers are the heart of JABA so recently we surveyed 600 volunteers to evaluate how pleased they are with their experience. The results were extraordinary! 92.8% of those surveyed are satisfied or very satisfied with […]