Time to Explore Passions in School? (via Cooperative Catalyst)

Bringing in community volunteers (not just parents, but anyone interested in helping in schools) is such a good idea! We are fortunate here in the Charlottesville area to have so many retirees with knowledge and skills that they love sharing with the younger generation. And what a difference it can make. I have read that Bill Gates became interested in technology as a student in a school fortunate enough to have a computer club sponsored by a parent. That was certainly a successful outcome!

Our county has this time in school in many of our elementary schools called Mastery Extension time or Extended Learning Time–a 30-45 minute time period in EVERY class where Title 1 pullout may happen, sometimes gifted pullout happens, remedial pullout happens and the idea is for kids to get extra time on something they either have not mastered yet, OR extend something they have. Honestly, some teachers use it well and others flounder, so it can … Read More

via Cooperative Catalyst