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  • Everybody blogs—but who on earth reads them?

    A very good question? My blogs are more an online journal for me to record things that I find interesting, but I have to admit that I do check the stats once in a while to see if anyone is reading them. I was thinking and talking about blogs for almost the entire day yesterday. […]

  • Have you heard about open study groups?

    More and more seniors are joining the social networking scene, and I hope you will join us at OLLI Online! Once you have an Internet connection, you have access to the world — and it is getting more interesting and engaging all the time. I read about the open study initiative this morning in the […]

  • Lifelong learning – a discovery that doesn’t end!

    I  agree with Marcus Chan, the tech editor at the San Francisco Chronicle!  His view of lifelong learning as a discovery that does not end seems very apt.  I was drawn to the position of webmaster in 1995  by the tantalizing prospect of having  an ever-expanding menu of new things to learn as time progressed.  […]