Have you heard about open study groups?

More and more seniors are joining the social networking scene, and I hope you will join us at OLLI Online!

Once you have an Internet connection, you have access to the world — and it is getting more interesting and engaging all the time.

I read about the open study initiative this morning in the “Wired Campus” email newsletter that I receive from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

OpenStudy is an effort to create a social platform for independent learners who want to help each other study the huge trove of educational materials published free online by universities like MIT.”

What a great idea for OLLI members who would like to join an open study group of those taking a free online course offered these days by a recognized university! You can learn as much or more than regular students enrolled at the university, you just do not receive credit. And what do you really want, increased knowledge or college credit? But sometimes it is hard to follow a course on your own. Wouldn’t an online study group be a big help?

If you are interested investigating this new initiative go to Open Study.

You can set up your own study group and invite friends to be members. Remember, though, that these are “open” groups, meaning that you may have members joining from across the globe. Sounds very interesting to me! I really enjoy the tech forums that I participate in that have full international participation.

via University of Virginia | OLLI Online.