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  • A perfect Saturday morning

    So happy our PLACE is Charlottesville A beautiful sunny day! We caught the CAT for a walk on the Downtown Mall and a  trip to the Charlottesville City Market where we bought our colorful summer vegetables at the Medina Farm stand. We headed to Baggby’s Sandwich Shop to cool off and enjoy a  cup of coffee, and then caught […]

  • Spring Is Here – City Market Is Back!

    Spring Is Here – City Market Is Back!

    Winter seemed to last forever this year, so spring is especially welcome!  On Saturday we enjoyed a stroll on the Downtown Mall, a visit to the Charlottesville City Market where we were so happy to see Hobbit House Creations, lunch at Baggby’s, and more strolling in the beautiful weather.  The marathon finish-line events were packed with […]

  • It’s almost time to Meet Yer Eats! Make plans to spend Labor Day on the farm!

    September 2, 2013 Save the date, and make plans to visit some of the amazing small farms in Central Virginia on Market Central’s 5th annual Meet Yer Eats Farm Tour!  We have 19 farms lined up this year — some returning hosts, and some new ones in the mix – and all are looking forward […]

  • Sunscreen year-round can slow aging, study finds

    Heading for the Charlottesville City Market this morning? Remember your hat and sunscreen! The UV Index Query for City: CHARLOTTESVILLE (Charlottesville City), VA The UV Index forecast for Saturday, June 29, 2013 is: 10 Look for Ultraviolet (UV) Index descriptions on: http://www.epa.gov/sunwise/uvindex.html We know that excessive exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer, but […]

  • Spring is here, the C’ville City Market is open – what a wonderful PLACE!

    The City Market opened today marking the start of the 2013 season. The weather was beautiful this morning, and downtown Charlottesville was filled with people, music, and food.  How nice to live in a PLACE where a simple  trip downtown feels like a special holiday excursion! Baggby’s is still my favorite “place” to cool off

  • Vinegar Hill Project Canning Cooperative – the SPIRIT of Charlottesville is alive at City Market!

    Waste not, want not! I remember as a child going with my family in early morning to a nearby orchard to buy (at a very low price) a bushel of “culls” –  peaches that had fallen from the tree during the night and were beginning to bruise making them unfit for sending to stores.  We […]