Vinegar Hill Project Canning Cooperative – the SPIRIT of Charlottesville is alive at City Market!

Waste not, want not!

I remember as a child going with my family in early morning to a nearby orchard to buy (at a very low price) a bushel of “culls” –  peaches that had fallen from the tree during the night and were beginning to bruise making them unfit for sending to stores.  We had to hurry home to begin a long day of washing, peeling, dicing,  adding sugar and spices (and not pectin), and cooking the mixture down to produce my Charleston-born grandmother’s spiced peach conserve, which we then “put up” in jars for later use.

Vinnegar Hill Women's CanningCooperative at City MarketI was delighted to meet a group at the Charlottesville City Market that is dedicated to the same idea of increasing the shelf life of local produce.

The Vinegar Hill Project Women’s Canning Cooperative is a worker’s cooperative made up of women who will produce local canned fruits and vegetables that are to be sold in the Charlottesville community. Using surplus, locally-grown food procured at little or no cost, members of the cooperative preserve food that might otherwise spoil or be turned into compost. Canning this food increases the shelf life.

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