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  • Combine learning with travel – educational travel opportunities from UVa

    If you are looking for educational travel opportunities, be sure to check out Travel & Learn from the University of Virginia! WE OFFER YOU A WORLD OF IDEAS Historic Settings – Special Tours – Intellectual Engagement Expert Faculty and Interesting Company From Around The Nation and Around The World UPCOMING PROGRAMS – EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES […]

  • How Your Brain Connects the Future to the Past

    We are understanding more and more about the brain! According to scientists, the brain’s memory circuits are not merely for reflecting on the past but are also vital mechanisms for imagining, anticipating, and preparing for the future. In this new view, your brain is a proactive system that integrates past experience to help you navigate […]

  • Everybody blogs—but who on earth reads them?

    A very good question? My blogs are more an online journal for me to record things that I find interesting, but I have to admit that I do check the stats once in a while to see if anyone is reading them. I was thinking and talking about blogs for almost the entire day yesterday. […]

  • Have you heard about open study groups?

    More and more seniors are joining the social networking scene, and I hope you will join us at OLLI Online! Once you have an Internet connection, you have access to the world — and it is getting more interesting and engaging all the time. I read about the open study initiative this morning in the […]

  • Lifelong Learning Resources in Charlottesville

    There are so many lifelong learning resources in our area! If you are unable to attend the OLLI Fall 2010  classes, perhaps you can find an alternative. Please take a look at the updated  Learning Resources page and leave a comment to let me know if I have missed anything. Thanks -RuthK via University of […]