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Wayback Machine Hits 400,000,000,000! A Judson College 1999 Digital Scrapbook

What I think is going to be just a cursory glance at the archived pages always turns into hours of clicking and remembering! Thank you, Internet Archive – how amazing that all this has survived! We knew that our Judson College website being archived, but did not pay much attention. The old pages looked very clumsy and old-fashioned, so it was somewhat embarrassing that people were able to follow our progress as we slowly (and sometimes painfully) made our way forward.

logo_wayback_210x77The Wayback Machine, a digital archive of the World Wide Web, has reached a landmark with 400 billion webpages indexed.  This makes it possible to surf the web as it looked anytime from late 1996 up until a few hours ago. via Wayback Machine Hits 400,000,000,000! | Internet Archive Blogs.