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  • FISH, Friends in Schools Helping, is now looking for volunteers

    FISH, Friends in Schools Helping, is now looking for volunteers to help tutor children in local elementary schools for the brand new school year. Trainings will be held the middle to end of September, as both teachers and students need time to settle in and have assessments completed for placement of FISH volunteers. Contact Marguerite […]

  • Lifelong learning – a discovery that doesn’t end!

    I  agree with Marcus Chan, the tech editor at the San Francisco Chronicle!  His view of lifelong learning as a discovery that does not end seems very apt.  I was drawn to the position of webmaster in 1995  by the tantalizing prospect of having  an ever-expanding menu of new things to learn as time progressed.  […]

  • Now is the time to check out all those online learning opportunities

    For many people it is simply more convenient to participate in online classes – which are available where they want them and when they are ready for them. We have all known about the convenience factor, but now it seems that some students actually learn more in online classes than they do in the traditional […]