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  • Week 4 – Know Thyself | Was that a Freudian slip?

    For my generation,  learning about Freud and Freudian slips was an eye-opening experience  We were pretty innocent of the ways of the world even as college students, so Freud’s ideas were very startling and, as such, really had an impact.  Once one learns about Freudian slips, they seem to be a constant theme of life that…

  • Week 3 – Know Thyself | Maybe I am smarter than I thought!

     I feel more intelligent – Thanks Gilbert Ryle!  I have aways known that I am much better at learning how to do things such as speak a new language or write a computer program or solve a physical science problem than I ever am at memorizing a lot of facts or dates.

  • Week 1 – Know Thyself | Thanks, Prof Green for helping me stay calm!

    Now that I have completed this week’s assignments, I feel as if I have just returned from a time-travel adventure to ancient Greece where I listened in on all the gossip about Socrates! The UVa Coursera course, Know Thyself  by Professor Mitch Green, opened this week, and  (at least for me) it sure was the…