Life changes even as we glance away for an instant. After some major upheavals in my life, I have happily joined The Colonnades, a vibrant and welcoming senior living community here in Charlottesville. As a result of this transition, I am happier and healthier than I have been for quite a while. I would recommend this move to anyone looking to transform their life in a supportive and fun community setting.

As I begin writing again, I am focusing on the surprising twists and turns that my new life has enabled.


I have joined the Colonnades Writing Group, writing essays in response to some of the weekly writing group prompts. I am enjoying the many perspectives of folks who have lived and worked in many locations across the country and around the globe. A comfortable inter-generational atmosphere is provided by the 20+-year age span of the members, and the lively discussions give this group an international flavor.

3D Printing

I attended a free introductory workshop in 3D Printing at the University of Virginia’s Scholars’ Lab Makerspace in Alderman Library. What a delight to discover that the Scholars’ Lab is free and open to the public and Colonnades will provide the transportation! I am well on my way to designing my own loom for knitting hats for newborns at UVa Hospital.

Loom Knitting

ENGAGED - Knitting Together Charlottesville
ENGAGED – Knitting Together Charlottesville

And speaking of knitting, I am a member of the Colonnades Needlework Group, welcomed with my basic loom knitting by true masters of knitting, crocheting and quilting. Everyone works on their own project while enjoying a chance to swap stories. – very relaxing and fun!


Next spring I will have a raised garden – my first chance for “real” gardening for many years. I have gardened in pots for a long time, but soon I will be gardening on my porch and in the beautiful Colonnades Community garden.

Also …

I am concerned about the challenges we are facing in terms of the environment, health, and threats to democracy. These challenges are occurring around the world, and I believe that people across the globe must come together to find solutions. I will be researching these areas for future posts.

“Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare.”

~ Japanese proverb
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