Computer School for Seniors – Lifelong Learning from the comfort of your home

The Computer School for Seniors offers online computer and Internet instruction for Baby Boomers, Senior Citizens or anyone who would like to gain more enjoyment from their computer and the Internet. Learn from home, at your leisure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Nancy is passionate about Lifelong Learning…

“Many people ask me ‘What is Lifelong Learning?’ Well, you could say it’s really a belief in a philosophy that promotes one simple truth: Lifelong Learning is the process of maintaining an active and youthful mind, body and spirit as we age.

Some examples include:

  • Exploring Lifelong Learning in the classroom
  • Discovering the world we live in through educational travel
  • Engaging in Lifelong Learning through community service
  • Realizing that a Lifelong Learning opportunity is available 24/7 with your computer via the Internet

My hope, when you enroll and visit the Lifelong Learning Center on campus, is that you will be able to find a path that leads to a richer, fuller and more satisfying life. An old Chinese Proverb says ‘Learning is a treasure that will follow the owner everywhere.’ Great treasures await you at the Lifelong Learning Center.” – Nancy
via Computer School for Seniors – Lifelong Learning.

I am pleased that Nancy’s definition of Lifelong Learning includes both learning through community service and online learning!   –RuthK