Thank you, Charlottesville Tomorrow, for putting us on the Google Earth 3D map!

I sure learned a lot when I stopped by Charlottesville Tomorrow‘s beautiful new office on the downtown mall recently!   Brian Wheeler gave me an enthusiastic demonstration of the new 3-D models that they are beginning to add to Google Earth in Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Visualizing Our Community Initiative.

I think we have all learned recently with the tragic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that careful planning before any project is a must in order to to prevent unforeseen disasters along the way, so I am especially grateful to the folks at Charlottesville Tomorrow for all of the information that they are collecting and presenting to us.  See Our Water. Our Future. for more information about this important topic.

Now I have  a lot more to learn!  Of course, my next step is to learn how to construct these 3-D models.  I have already downloaded the software and have my eye on a municipal building in my neighborhood.  You can learn more about how this is done through the quote and link below:

Engage the public by featuring your city’s buildings, landmarks and terrain on Google Earth.

If your local government is like many around the world, you’ve invested in developing a 3D model representing buildings in your city’s downtown–perhaps your entire jurisdiction. Or, maybe you haven’t yet produced a 3D model, but you’ve collected the geospatial data necessary for producing a model. With Google’s Cities in 3D Program, your local government, community group, or educational institution can share this 3D data with the public by adding a model of your city or community to Google Earth.

via Google Cities in 3D Program.