Lifelong Learning at it’s best: WordPress is really fun!

One thing that has drawn me to Web publishing from the beginning (my first job as a webmaster began in 1995) is that it is constantly evolving.  There are always new things for an aspiring webmaster to explore and learn.  Sometimes the changes have been challenging.  Leaving HoTMetaL and going from simple table-based layouts to complicated CSS layouts took years of study – and, in truth, I just touched the edge.

Now with  the popularity of CMS for websites and blogs, Web publishing has gotten very simple again, though sometimes a bit tedious.  But WordPress is not just simple, it is so much fun –  especially with the new themes and features! I am really enjoying my new “career” as a Web/WordPress volunteer serving non-profits in the Charlottesville area.

This blog is using the brand-new Coraline theme, and I think I will be dragging widgets around for a long time.  But just as soon as I think that this blog is perfect, a new theme will be introduced and I will be off on another adventure of discovery!

If you aspire to Lifelong Learning and are thinking of entering this new world of blogging, I encourage you to give a try.