Senior Corps Program Vital in Central Virginia for the Volunteers!

Community service through JABA’s RSVP program is so important, not only for the people served, but for the volunteers themselves.

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Moving to a new community for retirement means leaving behind your network of coworkers and friends who would help with the transition from working to volunteering.

Shortly after moving to Charlottesville, I discovered JABA through a search through the national RSVP site, which listed JABA as our local RSVP  agency.  Just a simple email message to Martha Williams led to a warm and friendly reception at JABA and my introduction to the many ways that I could use my skills as a retired webmaster and  teacher to strengthen our local Charlottesville community.  Finding this new life on my own would have been much more difficult -if not impossible – and I thank JABA for making this happen!

We cannot afford to lose this valuable resource at a time when volunteer hours are needed more than ever!


Senior Corps Program Vital in Central Virginia
Charlottesville, VA, March 29, 2011— – Included in the myriad proposed budget cuts now before Congress is the abolition of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program RSVP.

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program RSVP is America’s largest 55+ volunteer network. JABA has sponsored the RSVP program for the City of Charlottesville and the counties of Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa and Nelson since 1982.

As Martha Williams, JABA’s manager of volunteer services explains, “Volunteers are at the heart of JABA’s programs and services that benefit individuals and families of all ages. Without these volunteer resources JABA could not provide the necessary and quality support given to the elderly population in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District.“