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  • Have some time to give? Latest JABA volunteer opportunities in Charlottesville

    Volunteering is a good way to get involved in making our community a better place to live for everyone, and JABA always has lots of opportunities.   An added benefit is that volunteering is also a good avenue for lifelong learning — you may even discover a new career in the process!

  • Want to help?

    We are looking for volunteers for the 2011-2012 school year. JABA FISH at Jackson-Via has an immediate need for caring volunteers willing to spend a little time helping helping our students succeed. For more information please email FISH@jabacares.org. via JABA FISH at Jackson-Via.

  • Senior Corps Program Vital in Central Virginia for the Volunteers!

    Community service through JABA’s RSVP program is so important, not only for the people served, but for the volunteers themselves. Moving to a new community for retirement means leaving behind your network of coworkers and friends who would help with the transition from working to volunteering. Shortly after moving to Charlottesville, I discovered JABA through…

  • “Virtual Volunteers” needed for a client satisfaction survey | JABA

    From JABA’s Becky Calvert: I hope everyone has had a happy, healthy start to the new year. We get many inquires as to small ways volunteers can make a difference. Here is a great opportunity to do just that. “Virtual Volunteers” are needed for a client satisfaction survey. JABA is required by the Virginia Department…

  • Ready to give back to our community? JABA has many volunteer opportunities

    You can make a difference in the life of a student in one of our public schools by being a FISH (Friends in Schools Helping) volunteer. JABA’s FISH volunteers help students with reading, math and other academic subjects. They are also mentors to children who need a little extra support. Volunteers are needed now through…