Medallion at First and Main – Just a couple of days left to help!

I am so pleased to be a supporter of this project and I hope you will join me.

Medallion for First and Main

What a great project! I have been thinking a lot about “place” recently after  Charlottesville Tomorrow started a Google+ discussion about the importance of  the concept of place.   It can take a while for a newcomer to really feel a sense of place!

Since I have lived many places and now call Charlottesville home, I love Steve Trumbull‘s project that will add a medallion to mark the spot where the four geographic quadrants meet in “my place.”

During my high school and college days  in Washington, DC, I was used to navigating from the Capitol in order to find a particular address.  (Of course in DC you have to remember that there isn’t much SW because that is now northern Virginia.)  Here we really do have addresses in all four quadrants, but it sure takes a while for a newcomer to figure out where north, south, east, and west come together.  Soon Google Earth will be able to zoom right down to the medallion in Charlottesville!

The project at First and Main Streets– installing the Medallion as previously mentioned here–is currently being scheduled.  This is a gift to the City of Charlottesville and I want to thank everyone that has helped get this underway.  Thanks to the City Council and to the Charlottesville BAR for approving this idea and to Preston Coiner for helping me make the connections with the right people.

Learn how you can help: