Searching for Your “Sense of Place” ??? Find It in cvillepedia!

As an “Army brat” and then as an Army wife, I have lived in many places in Europe and the US.  My children reminisce that upon arrival at a new post we would set out immediately with a map to locate things.  “Oh look, there is the library!” someone would exclaim with excitement, and then, “Oh look, there is the park!” and on and on over many excursions until we all felt a sense of place — in other words, until we felt at home.

Retiring from a job I loved and leaving the small town where we had lived for 18 years in order to move here  was a little frightening at first, but Charlottesville is where we wanted to be –  and I knew I could get a map, start exploring, and find my place yet again.  I have a new “career” as a  volunteer and have made friends and learned a lot about Charlottesville, but one of my most rewarding experiences has been in helping my new friends tell their story in cvillepedia.  I am now learning about people and places as never before.  Take a look at our Jackson-Via School story  (, and you will be amazed at what we have discovered. And this is just the beginning – we will be at this for years!

Learn how to use Charlottesville Tomorrow‘s cvillepedia:  free class at JMRL Central Library, March 13, 6-7:30 pm.