The Kennedy Half Century – Coursera UVa MOOC – Fascinating!

The Kennedy Half Century

JFK-Titile-Page-with-wordsI was a college freshman in Washington, DC, when John F. Kennedy was elected, and a senior when he was assassinated.  We students had accepted his challenge to do what we could for the country and to try our best to make everyone’s life better.  We knelt in our chapel and prayed during the Cuban Missile Crisis when we (just a couple of miles from the US Capitol building) expected to be vaporized at any moment.  We stood in sad disbelief as President Kennedy’s funeral cortege passed by and the dream evaporated.  So much has happened since then, but those Kennedy years will always be my college years!

This fascinating  Coursera UVa course started on Monday, but there is plenty of time to catch up.  Why don’t you join us?