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New Virginia Loves Pollinators License Plate – Bees, butterflies, other pollinators flock to the same plants.

Charlottesville, August 2010 - Photo by Walt Kastenmayer
Charlottesville, August 12, 2010, Photo by Walt Kastenmayer

Instead of a butterfly garden, perhaps we need a “Pollinators Garden” in McIntire Park East!

Virginia license plate approved!
Two more days to “Bee” a founder:

Most pollinators throughout North America are trending downward in population; some are facing a drastic decline, and others are believed to have already gone extinct. The disappearance of Honey Bees CCD, or “Colony Collapse Disorder” has been widely known for years now, but native pollinators aren’t as well managed and documented as honey bees, so their numbers have been harder to study. When pollinators disappear, eco-systems and food chains collapse.

via Pollinators: Virginia gardener and bee lover launches Protect Pollinator license plate –