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  • Opportunities to Serve

    Can you give some time to help in our community? I was reading recently that this summer has seen more Americans than ever volunteering in their communities. I know that is true here at JABA as so many of you give of your time and talents to support programs for healthy aging. We are lucky […]

  • Volunteering Can Improve Your Health

    More good news about the benefits of volunteering: Ever wonder how some people manage to stay healthy and happy even in old age? It’s no secret. Valerie Ulene, M.D., a weekly guest writer for the LA Times, says that putting in time to help others not only benefits the community but also the giver’s mental […]

  • Lifelong Learning through Community Service – experience the buzz!

    Looking for volunteer opportunities in the Charlottesville area? JABA can help you find just the right position. I find that volunteering at Jackson-Via Elementary School through the JABA RSVP FISH program is perfect for me, but there are many, many more progams that could use your help and expertise. Why volunteer? See below … Lifelong […]

  • 5 Tips for Lifelong Learning

    Some very good suggestions from Matt. Consider volunteering in our schools. In doing so, you will become a mentor for students and inspire them to become lifelong learners themselves! Noticed this last night while paging through a magazine Success, August 2009, and thought I’d pass it along. 1 Seek out a mentor – look for […]

  • Often it is the “teacher” leading a project-based learning program who learns the most!

    I learned how to blog as a JABA RSVP FISH volunteer. I had agreed to sponsor an after-school computer club at Jackson-Via Elementary School in Charlottesville and I wanted to focus on 21st-century skills. Since blogging is receiving high marks as an effective means for teaching reflective writing, I decided that that would be a […]

  • Thank You, Farmers!

    Thanks to all of you who are participating this year in the JABA  End-Of-Market-Day Local Produce Donation Program.  What a great way to help the individuals and families served by JABA! Market News