Lifelong Learning through Community Service – experience the buzz!

Looking for volunteer opportunities in the Charlottesville area?

JABA can help you find just the right position. I find that volunteering at Jackson-Via Elementary School through the JABA RSVP FISH program is perfect for me, but there are many, many more progams that could use your help and expertise. Why volunteer? See below …

Lifelong learning, as we know, can lead to many things. Meaningful community service is one of those “many things.” Lifelong learning, combined with meaningful community service, so engages all your senses that it produces a natural “high,” a feeling so unique and exquisite that you will find yourself looking for ways to keep that exuberance a permanent fixture in your “After 50” years.

Meaningful community service is different for each person. It’s all about engaging in whatever endeavor makes you feel complete and useful. It’s all about whatever activity enriches and stimulates your life. For some, meaningful community service might mean getting involved with volunteer organizations. For others, something entirely different.

Whatever it means to you, however, you can be sure that by using your wisdom and experience, you can soar to greater heights and deliver even greater impact in whatever project you undertake. In fact, those involved in their communities routinely encounter new perspectives and ideas that challenge as much as they enlighten. Your involvement in meaningful community service will help add yet another facet to your lifelong learning quest.

via Learning Later, Living Greater: About Lifelong Learning through Community Service.