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  • Why I Am a Millennial (at least for now!)

    Why I Am a Millennial (at least for now!)

    My birth year puts me in the Silent Generation, but I always felt that I marched out of that generation during the Civil Rights movement.

  • I Speak for Democracy

    I Speak for Democracy

    Today democracy is again at risk across the globe, with isolationism, nationalism, militarism, and xenophobia on the rise in many countries.

  • I Am WHO?

    The suggested topic this week certainly prompted a lot of reflection for me! For most of my life, I have almost never been recognized as myself, even if I might actually have been the person being sought. Once while I was a college student, a friend said that she could arrange a blind date for […]

  • An “outrageous” meal

    An “outrageous” meal

    My most “outrageous” meal was a family meal enjoyed on an Air Force C-130 plane. Our family of five (my husband and I with our three children) lived overseas for nine years in conjunction with his Army career. We were fortunate to be able to travel free-of-charge on the military aircraft that ferried supplies to […]

  • A recently (re)read book about Big Data

    A recently (re)read book about Big Data

    Who cares about Big Data? We all should! “Good does not come just from a course on ethics, but from instilling ethical principles in all we do. The ethical consequences should be the very first thought associated with every action we take with data, from its acquisition through its analysis and dissemination. ”– Philip E. […]

  • An Unplanned Day

    An unplanned day is UNTHINKABLE! I love to plan. I know that even as a child I enjoyed planning. Our military family living in Germany as part of the American occupation after the 2nd World War had access to libraries stocked with a treasure of books in English giving us lots of ideas. We also […]