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  • Our Loom Project Is Getting Very Interesting!

    I am finding that 3D modeling and printing custom looms involves many more variables than I ever imagined. There are so many choices to make even from the first step of beginning in Fusion 360, and the terminology is taking me a while to learn. I am finding that it is hard to do something […]

  • Version 1 of our new Loom – THANKS Ammon and Andrew at UVa’s Scholars’ Lab Makerspace!

    Printing It was so much fun watching the first version of our Baby-hat Loom as it printed. I feel like it is mine –even though I needed a LOT of help with working in Fusion 360 and then slicing the model to prepare for the actual printing. I wanted to quickly print a “mock-up” to […]

  • KNITTING TOGETHER is so happy to be supporting “Bundle Up with Books”

    What a great idea – So glad we could help! For more information about our knitting circle and how you might help Knitting Together spread the warmth in Charlottesville, visit CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA — The same teachers who organize Books on Bikes in the summer are helping children “Bundle Up with Books” during winter break. On Tuesday, December […]

  • Nancy Lambert – 2014 Loving With Looms Winner

    Congratulations, Nancy! We could not do this without you. Our 2014 Loving with Looms Winner is … Nancy Lambert inspired her friends and family with her selfless giving through the group Knitting Together in Charlottesville. They united to nominate her for this humble award.  Read what they wrote and join us in congratulating this wonderful lady […]

  • Knitting Together – Free Comfy Hats for cancer patients delivered August 4

    Knitting Together – Free Comfy Hats for cancer patients delivered August 4

    Delivered with love and our best wishes! Susi made our first deliveries of our Comfy Hats for cancer patients at the University of Virginia Health System on August 4, 2014. We are so pleased to have our basket of free hats in Ramona’s Room at the Flourish Boutique, Emily Couric Cancer Center, and our gift bag of  free […]

  • Anna is finding her PLACE in Charlottesville

    Anna is finding her PLACE in Charlottesville

    We enjoyed reading her prize-winning nonfiction story for the WriterHouse / C-ville Weekly contest! Anna Hennigan Though she’s only 16 years old, youth category winner Anna Hennigan is no stranger to storytelling. “My parents used to read to me before I could talk, and when I was two or three I started babbling stories to […]