Version 1 of our new Loom – THANKS Ammon and Andrew at UVa’s Scholars’ Lab Makerspace!


Version 1 of our new loom is almost ready.

It was so much fun watching the first version of our Baby-hat Loom as it printed. I feel like it is mine –even though I needed a LOT of help with working in Fusion 360 and then slicing the model to prepare for the actual printing. I wanted to quickly print a “mock-up” to see if the loom would work the way that I expected. If we could not knit on it, then I would need to start over on the basic design.

Very good UX

Usability trial..

V1 is easy to use, but of course, not quite perfect. Do we ever reach perfection? The fun is really in the versioning! I have the (free!) Fusion 360 for Hobbyists on my home computer, so I can take what I have learned in this first version and begin to design an even better Version 2. (This will take a while!) With distance help from Ammon and Andrew along the way, I can work at home and just visit the Makerspace occasionally to work on my projects there or to print them. I still need lots of help, but I AM catching on.

First hats for UVa Hospital from KnittingTogetherCville Loom V1

First LoomV1 hats ready to deliver to UVa Hospital!

All of us at Knitting Together Charlottesville are so excited to have our very own custom loom! I had thought that this (light) version would not be very strong; however, it is a lot more durable than I had expected. I am trying different kinds of yarn and stitches (Uh-oh – too many variables!), but so far no broken pegs. The loom is very light and easy to carry in a small knitting bag, and the real fun is when I tell people that this loom was custom designed and printed at the Scholars’ Lab Makerspace at UVa’s Alderman Library.

Did I mention that all of this is free? All I have purchased so far are my “coffee-table” Fusion 360 book and the yarn for the hats. Thanks @UVaLibrary for this wonderful community resource!