Our Loom Project Is Getting Very Interesting!

I am finding that 3D modeling and printing custom looms involves many more variables than I ever imagined. There are so many choices to make even from the first step of beginning in Fusion 360, and the terminology is taking me a while to learn. I am finding that it is hard to do something when you cannot even remember the name of the thing you are trying to do! There is really a lot help available, and I am finding it a lot of fun to mention something like “chamfer” to one of my friends and then watch their blank expression.

Loom v1 vs. Loom v2

So far I like the pegs and spacing better in v1 (grey) and the ergonomic base that Andrew created for v2 (red). These were printed on different printers, also, and that seems to have made some difference in the smoothness of the pegs. I think it will take a lot versions before we get tired of this project!