A BUTTERFLY GARDEN in McIntire Park East?

Charlottesville, August 12, 2010, Photo by Walt Kastenmayer
Charlottesville, August 2010, Photo by Walt Kastenmayer

naba-logoMy friends in the North American Butterfly Association have lots of helpful information, including a comprehensive Central Virginia Butterfly Gardening Brochure by Marlene A. Condon  I am pleased to be a member of NABA and a “Friend” of their National Butterfly Center!


Butterfly Tale from 2001:

Judson WebTeam members were so thrilled when  Dr. Jeffrey Glassberg, founder and president of the North American Butterfly Association, signed a contract for us to reformat his pictures for placement on the Web.  Many people worked on this project, but Megan Pilarczyk, lead designer on the butterfly team, saved the day by spending many hours making changes when the official system for naming the butterflies changed mid-project!   I am so happy to see that our work from 2000-2002 is still live on the NABA website. That was a project well worth the effort!

mitchell'ssatyrHere is a WebSpinner article from the Wayback Machine describing a butterfly count led by by Dr. Glassberg in Marion, Alabama:

Mitchell’s Satyr: An Endangered Butterfly Species Found in the Oakmulgee National Forest

We did not have a public butterfly garden in Marion, but we had many beautiful butterflies!

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