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  • OLLI – Be SMART! | … Add vitality to your years with a colorful diet & an active lifestyle.

    Are you interested in lifelong learning?  One of the best things that you can do to improve the function of your brain is to choose a healthy lifestyle! I invite everyone to visit the healthy aging blog, which I  maintain in support of my online course for OLLI at UVa.  The OLLI Be SMART blog […]

  • You have to “Be SMART” to live and learn with zest!

    Good nutrition coupled with an active lifestyle will keep you sharp as you pursue the goal of lifelong learning! You may have noticed the feed on the right from Be SMART, my other Charlottesville blog. I am developing the Be SMART blog as a resource for students in my online Nutrition Course for the Osher […]

  • Thank You, Farmers!

    Thanks to all of you who are participating this year in the JABA  End-Of-Market-Day Local Produce Donation Program.  What a great way to help the individuals and families served by JABA! Market News

  • Looking for a fun place to volunteer?

    Maybe Market Central is just the place for you! If you love the City Market and would like to help it find a permanent home, stop by the Market Central table in the non-profit section of the City Market. Hello, friends of the Charlottesville City Market – As we approach the summer season at the […]

  • Healthy aging in Charlottesville – and now jobs, too!

    Charlottesville is such a healthy and stimulating place for retirees to live!  For more information about how a colorful diet, an active lifestyle, and lifelong learning can add  vitality to your years visit Be Smart! , a blog dedicated to healthy aging, diet, and fitness (including “brain fitness”). And now US News has chosen C’ville […]


    A colorful diet and a healthy lifestyle can add vitality to your years! There is increasing evidence that WHAT we eat and HOW we move can make a big difference – not just in how well we feel, but indeed how well we think! Visit Be SMART for more information.