Tag: Encore Years

  • Book Buddies- a wonderful way to pass on the gift of lifelong learning

    Yesterday I attended the annual Book Buddies Fall Tutor Training at Greenbrier Elementary  in preparation for my becoming a  Book Buddy this year as a JABA FISH volunteer at Jackson -Via Elementary. The presentation by Jeanette Rosenberg, Book Buddies Coordinator, together with reading coordinators from the  participating schools was an excellent introduction to the program […]

  • Fall Open House at Charlottesville Senior Center

    Here is a great opportunity to learn more about our Senior Center: Don’t miss our Kick-Off Party on Sunday, Sept. 13 from 2:00 to 5:00! We will kick off Open House Week with a great party featuring most of our programs, crafts for sale, and program demos including Jazzercise, Line Dancing, Falun Gong, the Barbershop […]

  • Now is the time to check out all those online learning opportunities

    For many people it is simply more convenient to participate in online classes – which are available where they want them and when they are ready for them. We have all known about the convenience factor, but now it seems that some students actually learn more in online classes than they do in the traditional […]

  • Our First Lifelong-Learning Resource – Remember the Library?

    As a military child moving to a new community every few years, I valued the family trips to the local library as one of the the pleasures that I could count on no matter where we lived. Even in Germany in 1950, we visited the library provided by the US DoD for the families moving […]

  • OLLI Notes Fall 2009 Newsletter Is Online

    Exciting new Lectures and Outings for Fall 2009 are detailed.  Visit the OLLI Website (olliuva.org) to download a copy and plan your fall activities.

  • Volunteering Can Improve Your Health

    More good news about the benefits of volunteering: Ever wonder how some people manage to stay healthy and happy even in old age? It’s no secret. Valerie Ulene, M.D., a weekly guest writer for the LA Times, says that putting in time to help others not only benefits the community but also the giver’s mental […]