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  • Get involved for a healthier, happier life!

    Call JABA today and volunteer. I’m sure glad that I did! Volunteer Satisfaction Abounds at JABA May 21, 2010 JABA volunteers are the heart of JABA so recently we surveyed 600 volunteers to evaluate how pleased they are with their experience. The results were extraordinary! 92.8% of those surveyed are satisfied or very satisfied with […]

  • Solving both the academic achievement gap and generation gap through public service intergenerational tutoring

    Congratulations to our young Charlottesville team members, Kevin Ward, Erica Smith, and Lisa Allen, who have produced a 2010 FILM YOUR ISSUE Semi-Finalist! Building Bridges. Joining Generations (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5gJpqH5yww) Please “Like” our video to help us win the Film Your Issue Contest! -Erica via JABA FISH ~ Jackson-Via. oneemptyspace — April 19, 2010 — Kevin Ward, […]

  • Fulfillment After Retirement

    More and more personal accounts of volunteering include the mention of training. What a wonderful way to keep on learning as we give back to our communities! Here in Charlottesville JABA can help you connect with just the right service opportunity that will help you learn and grow even as you serve. Fulfillment After Retirement […]

  • You’ll Feel Better at the End of the Day Knowing You Helped Someone Today

    Volunteers are needed now more than ever. Would you give a little of your time to make our community even better?  The following message is from Martha Williams at JABA. Everyone of you who give your time in service to others have many reasons to feel good at the end of the day.  We here […]

  • Book Buddies- a wonderful way to pass on the gift of lifelong learning

    Yesterday I attended the annual Book Buddies Fall Tutor Training at Greenbrier Elementary  in preparation for my becoming a  Book Buddy this year as a JABA FISH volunteer at Jackson -Via Elementary. The presentation by Jeanette Rosenberg, Book Buddies Coordinator, together with reading coordinators from the  participating schools was an excellent introduction to the program […]

  • Lifelong Learning through Community Service – experience the buzz!

    Looking for volunteer opportunities in the Charlottesville area? JABA can help you find just the right position. I find that volunteering at Jackson-Via Elementary School through the JABA RSVP FISH program is perfect for me, but there are many, many more progams that could use your help and expertise. Why volunteer? See below … Lifelong […]