Lucky for me! Hobbit House Creations was at the City Market in time for Mothers’ Day.

A new spider for my kitchen window!

photo of glass spider and webI love light and color, and people who know me well know that I collect spiders in celebration of my 16 years (and counting!) as a Webmaster.  I was delighted to see a  beautiful  display of light catchers at City Market on Saturday that included spiders.  I had a hard time choosing as they were all unique and beautiful, but this is the one I chose for my Mothers’ Day gift.

I learned that Hobbit House Creations is a “fill-in vendor” and has to wait to be called in when there is an opening.  I sure hope that City Council will decide that (finally!) we need a permanent City Market with space for all of the wonderful vendors who wish to serve us.

A Dream for the Future of Charlottesville

Just imagine a market district on one side of the Downtown Mall a beautiful botanical garden on the other side  in East McIntire Park.  The new Jefferson School City Center will bring ALL elements of our town together. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a shuttle bus made it easy for residents and visitors alike to combine a stop at the varied attractions with shopping and a meal on the Downtown Mall?

Just a dream, but this could be real if the City Council takes action at this particular moment in time!