We feel loved and appreciated – Jackson-Via Volunteer Reception was so moving!

The Jackson-Via Volunteer Reception 2012

We truly value our PLACE in the Jackson-Via School community!

Photo by Amanda Sherriff
Photo by Amanda Sherriff

Volunteers at Jackson-Via Elementary School were honored on Wednesday, May 23, with a beautiful reception.  After introductory remarks by Principal Tracie Daniels, Pat Cuomo, Assistant Principal, presented a video of Jackson-Via students saying, “Thank you, volunteers!” in the always touching and unique way children have.

Photo by Amanda Sherriff

We were treated to a delicious meal and a beautiful cake, and each volunteer received a gift and certificate.  It could not have been more perfect!

I know that I  speak for all volunteers in saying that we receive as much as we give.

For more information or to volunteer at Jackson-Via Elementary School, please contact Tracie Daniels: Tracie.Daniels@ccs.k12.va.us

More information … JABA FISH at Jackson-Via