Loom Knitting – Good for the brain? -for the Spirit? -for the Community?

Knitting Together - Cville

Brain-fitness articles often recommend learning a new skill such as knitting.



This sounded like a great transition from my primary focus on Weaving the Web for the  last 20 years (weaving is weaving – right?) until I discovered that even though I had started learning to knit as a teen, I was still hopelessly inept.  Regulating the tension on the yarn just escapes me every time!

After a few weeks of frustration, I  happened upon some references to Loom Knitting.  Well, that looked interesting!  As soon as my new looms arrived, I started in on a simple hat project and quickly decided to adopt this as my perfect “brain-training” hobby.  There are so many techniques to learn – and  no matter how hard I pull, I cannot move those pegs any closer to each other!

Knitting around and around the circular loom is a very calming, almost Zen-like activity that I am finding the perfect accompaniment to listening to Coursera lectures or  watching the X-Files. But the very best result of my quest for a better brain has been the formation of Knitting Together, an intergenerational circle of family and friends loom knitting hats for donation to those in need in Charlottesville.

Want to learn more ?  Want to get involved?  Contact us!