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  • A Virtual Makerspace

    A Virtual Makerspace

    The Scholars’ Lab Makerspace has had to close temporarily because of the pandemic, but I intend to keep learning in my own VIRTUAL Makerspace – RuthK’s Makerspace. I intend to keep learning about 3D modeling with Fusion 360, and I am glad that Andrew will be an online mentor. With Fusion 360, Scratch 3.0 and…

  • Our Loom Project Is Getting Very Interesting!

    I am finding that 3D modeling and printing custom looms involves many more variables than I ever imagined. There are so many choices to make even from the first step of beginning in Fusion 360, and the terminology is taking me a while to learn. I am finding that it is hard to do something…

  • Version 1 of our new Loom – THANKS Ammon and Andrew at UVa’s Scholars’ Lab Makerspace!

    Printing It was so much fun watching the first version of our Baby-hat Loom as it printed. I feel like it is mine –even though I needed a LOT of help with working in Fusion 360 and then slicing the model to prepare for the actual printing. I wanted to quickly print a “mock-up” to…

  • Thanks, Andrew at UVa Scholars’ Lab in Alderman Library, for the really fun Fusion 360 tutorial!

    Thanks, Andrew at UVa Scholars’ Lab in Alderman Library, for the really fun Fusion 360 tutorial!

    I learned that Autodesk Fusion 360 Personal is free for students or hobbyists like me. I have been using TinkerCAD by Autodesk for several years as I helped elementary school students investigate the wonders of 3D drawing and printing, but I have been away from it for a while. I had no idea that I…

  • Perfect – just what I wanted!

    Perfect – just what I wanted!

    I can see why it is important to have enough “stickiness” on the plate and enough support to avoid the loose strings. I am so interested to be able to see the inner structure -that looks disordered to me, but must make sense to the computer.

  • 3-D Printing at the Scholars’ Lab

    3-D Printing at the Scholars’ Lab

    Thanks so much to Ammon Shepherd at the Scholars’ Lab in UVa’s Alderman Library for the wonderful introduction to the use of the 3D printers in the Makerspace, a wonderful place to explore and play that fortunately for me is open to the community. I was excited to learn that printing a knitting loom to…