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  • FISH tutors are teaching kids to FISH

    “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”—Author unknown That is exactly what JABA’s FISH (Friends In Schools Helping) Program is all about. JABA (Jefferson Area Board for Aging), began the FISH Program as a way for seniors to […]

  • Volunteer Opportunities at OLLI at U.Va.

    From the OLLI at U.Va. Email Newsletter, May 26, 2009: OLLI at U.Va. is indeed fortunate to have many of its original leaders still volunteering for OLLI.  They have worked long and hard the past eight years establishing a lifelong-learning institute in Charlottesville.  Their efforts have met with much success and present day OLLI members are benefiting greatly from their dedication.  Although these individuals intend to continue working for […]

  • New School Blogs

    As a result of our spring after-school Computer Club at Jackson-Via Elementary School, we now have two new blogs!  The first is the JV Jam Weblog, the blog produced by the JV Jam News Studio.  Jump for the Stars! presents an ePortfolio of Jackson-Via’s BEST. All Jackrabbits now have a chance to participate in weaving […]

  • Why civic engagement is good for your brain

    Last week I volunteered to help serve lunch at my daughter’s school. Over the years, I have often found myself scooping out the pasta, pouring glasses of water, all while saying hi to her friends and getting hugs (lots of hugs, that is of course the best part of being there!). Yet this past visit […]

  • You can give the gift of lifelong learning to our children

    Lifelong learning, also known as LLL, is the “lifelong, lifewide, voluntary, and self-motivated”[1] pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. As such, it not only enhances social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development, but also competitiveness and employability.[2] via Lifelong learning – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The best way to learn something is […]

  • JV Computer Club Blog

    I am focusing on the beginning of the Lifelong-Learning spectrum by volunteering at Jackson-Via Elementary School – a wonderfully diverse and creative Charlottesville City School (PreK-4) in the Fry’s Spring neighborhood bordering the University of Virginia.